The FUN Start MOVE Smart! Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Introductory Training Workshop is targeted at early childhood educators to introduce and enhance the teaching of fundamental movement skills to children aged 2 to 8 years old. We hope to help Singapore children achieve physical literacy and prepare them for an active and enriching lifestyle in adulthood.

Fundamental movement skills form the building blocks that underpin daily living activities. These skills refer to movements such as walking, running, leaping, balancing, throwing, catching and much more.

The early years are critical in helping children build this foundation of basic movement skills. Children who lack movement skill competency will be less likely to acquire sports-specific and complex movements in their growing years.


The 1.5 day workshop focuses on exploring the fundamental movement skills of locomotion, object control and stability in a fun and creative manner. Educators will get to explore and participate in insightful motor skills activities especially designed in progressive stages for young children. Educators will also be shown how the activities can be integrated with lessons in other developmental domains.


  1. Creative ideas on using inexpensive equipment or readily available recycled materials from our daily environment to conduct fundamental movement skills activities.
  2. Tips and ideas to tackle common challenges faced by educators in teaching fundamental movement skills.


Early Childhood Educators, Sport Coaches, Parents and Individuals who work with young children on their physical development


Participants must complete both sessions of the workshop and submit a FMS assignment on Day 2 of the workshop to be awarded with the Certificate of Participation by Sport SG.


$200 Workshop fee (SkillsConnect Organisation Claimable) + S$50 (Compulsory Workshop materials)


Republic Polytechnic (9 Woodlands Avenue 9 Singapore 738964)


Nanyang Girls’ Boarding School (21 Linden Drive Singapore 288735)

Workshop Dates

Workshop Day 1
(0830 - 1730)
Day 2
(0830 - 1230)
Registration Deadline
4 (full)16th Nov 2017 (Thu)27th Dec 2017 (Wed)2nd Nov 2017
527th Feb 2018 (Tue)27th March 2018 (Tue)11th Feb 2018
622nd May 2018 (Tue)26th June 2018 (Tue)6th May 2018


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*This Course is approved for SkillsConnect Training Grant for Organisations! However, do note that the Grant only covers $200 which is the workshop fee excluding the Resource Guide.