About the Workshop

The FUN Start MOVE Smart! Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) Workshop for Parents is targeted at parents who understand the importance of FMS in the overall development of their children aged 2 to 10 years old, and would like to be more involved in enhancing their children’s proficiency in FMS.

Fundamental movement skills form the building blocks that underpin daily living activities. These skills refer to movements such as walking, running, leaping, balancing, throwing, catching and much more.

The early years are critical in helping children build this foundation of basic movement skills. Children who lack movement skill competency will be less likely to acquire sports-specific and complex movements in their growing years.


The half-day workshop focuses on exploring the fundamental movement skills of locomotion, object control and stability in a fun and creative manner. Parents will get to experience and take home hands-on motor skills activities that they can engage their young children in at home.

Course Outline

  1. Simple and creative ideas to conduct fundamental movement skills activities at home, using inexpensive equipment or readily available recycled materials from our daily environment.
  2. Tips and ideas to in guiding the child during activities.